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SIO seriesSimple Input Output

Electric Automation Simplified.sio

The SiO Controller is a simple input/output control system that makes electric automation accessible and easy for everyone.


Look at the ON/OFF status of an input device to send ON/OFF commands to an output device.


Use SiO Controller to set up the conditions of an output. When the status matches these conditions, the controller sends a command to the output device.

Here are a few examples of what SiO Controller can do:

  • Sound a buzzer when a button is pressed, for as long as it is pressed.
  • Activate a lamp when a pre-determined number of pieces have passed a sensor.
  • Silence a buzzer when a limit switch detects a workpiece.

SiO Controller is ideal for making simple improvements to situations where a full PLC would be considered “over-engineering.

SiO is designed with first-time programmers in mind.

  • Simple, Multiple-Choice Programming
    Use “SiO Programmer,” our dedicated software for Windows OS, to set up the output conditions. The system is logically designed so that anyone can write programs after a little practice.
“SiO Programmer” Operating environment
Operating System
Windows7 (32/64Bit) / Windows8 (32/64Bit) / Windows8.1 (32/64Bit) / Windows10 (32/64Bit)
CPU & Memory
800MHz and up. Usable memory 512MB.
Hard disk free space
Free space: More than 10MB
Resolution: More than 1280 X 768. Color: More than 256 colors
USB port
For Windows 7:
You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your PC before you can install the SiO Programmer.
For Windows 8-10:
You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your PC before you can install the SiO Programmer.

How to use SiO Controller


Imagine the Operation

In your mind, picture the ideal operational movements, focusing on the points you wish to improve.


Select the Right Devices

Choose the input and output devices that will achieve your ideal operation.


Installation and Wiring

Assemble the system, installing the input/output devices and necessary wiring.


Program the Operation

Create the output conditions using “SiO Programmer.”


Write the Program

Connect the computer to the SiO Controller and write the program.



On the SiO Controller, turn the RUN switch to ON to activate the system.