Business Overview

SC seriesStandard Control Unit

Control Support System that is developed in order to build system efficiently by modulizing control panels such as Switch Box or Touch Panel as standard product.
SC series Standard Control Unit

Switch Box

  • Aluminum Switch Box that meets wide range of sizes from for Φ6 Snap Switch to for Φ30 Switch. Length is at your will, and there're many variations like ALL Metal Spec, Water-Proof Spec, etc. It can be applied for broad range of purpose.

  • Switch Box

Handy Operation Box / Touch Panel box

  • Aluminum Boxes that are optimum to install indicator such as Touch Panel or Measuring Instrument are lined up. About 50 types of Touch Panels from representative 10 Touch Panel makers are installable without designing or processing.

  • Handy Operation Box / Touch Panel box

Control Box

  • Aluminum is used for the chassis frame and face panel. Aluminum's properties such as light, high-corrosion resistance, high-thermal conductivity or non-magnetized are maximized. SUS supports totally from designing, producing to wiring works responding the application of the customer.

  • Control Box


  • All sorts of items that are fundamental to build control system such as Arm for monitoring, Communication Cable, Emergency Stop Guard and various accessories are lined up.

  • Accessory