Quality Assurance

Basic Policy

At SUS, we promote the continuous improvement of quality and the environment over the entire life cycle of products, from product development to customer use and disposal.

Quality Assurance Framework

At SUS, we have assembled a quality committee, which includes the president as the chairman and consists of officers heading each division, to check, maintain, and manage the reliability and effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS) and environmental management system (EMS). The quality committee determines the company-wide quality and environmental policies that reflect our management policy. We have appointed the quality assurance manager as the manager responsible for the quality management system (QMS) and environmental management system (EMS). Led by the quality assurance group, we promote the maintenance and improvement of quality based on the feedback from our customers, as well as compliance with environmental laws. Also, we set the rules, standards, and procedures manuals in each division according to the "quality and environment integration manual." We continually strive to develop new products, improve products, and elevate the quality of service in our sales.

SUS Quality Committee

Chairman President

Manager Quality Assurance Group Manager

Commissioner Administration Officer
Development Officer
Sales Officer
Production Officer

Secretariat Head Office, Quality Assurance Group

Quality assurance system

Please refer to this documentation for the quality assurance system chart.

"Product Items" (PDF:17KB)

"Receiving individual orders" (PDF:15KB)

Primary Initiatives

ISO9001/14001 Certification

We received the ISO9001 "quality management system (QMS)" certification in 2008, and the ISO14001 "environmental management system" (EMS) certification in 2007.Scope of certification: Head Office and Plants.

Green Procurement

At SUS, we have established green procurement guidelines to protect the environment. In addition, starting with the product development stage, we comply with the RoHS and REACH international regulations. By committing to external purchases and raw materials that do not contain harmful substances, we provide our customers with products that ensure their safety and security.

More details about green procurement here

Inspector Certification System

SUS carries out its own inspector certification testing and evaluates the inspection skills. By allowing only qualified inspectors to inspect products before shipment, we aim to set up a system that ensures uniform quality.