Environmental Initiatives

SUS Corporation has attained the environmental management system, ISO14001, and is taking initiatives to protect the global environment.

Environmental Policy

SUS Corporation, in carrying out business activities to develop, manufacture, and sell unit products, system products, and ecoms products made from aluminum, ascertains what impacts there are on the environment and commits to the effective use of resources and environmental protection measures. Our environmental management is based on the following policies.

  1. To protect the global environment, we will comply with environmental laws, regulations, industry standards, establish voluntary management standards and operating procedures, and take initiatives to prevent environmental destruction.
  2. To promote environmental conservation activities, we focus our efforts on the following areas:
    1. Promotion of environmentally-friendly design and development
    2. Effective use of resources and committed to reduce usage
    3. Committed to reduce the use of energy to prevent global warming
    4. Committed to phase out the use of hazardous substances that affect the local environment
    5. Continually review relevant laws and regulations on the environment as well as customer requirements. Continually make improvements to ensure compliance
  3. Set environmental goals within a technically and economically feasible scope, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. Managers will review the suitability of environmental targets and carry out internal audits, and continuously improve the environmental management system.
  5. Implement environmental education and in-house public relations activities to ensure all our employees know about our environmental policy and to raise awareness of environmental protection issues. In addition, we will ask partner companies to engage and cooperate with our environmental policy.

Activity Achievements

Implementation of green procurement

At SUS, we work to promote "green procurement," prioritizing the procurement of parts and materials that have a small ecological footprint from partners that are active in environmental conservation.

For the company's green procurement guidelines, please click on the following link.

Green Procurement Guidelines (PDF:247KB)

Harmony with Nature

We furnished the SUS (Thai) factory in the Lamphun district of Thailand with environmentally-friendly equipment. Additionally, the factory features an on-site farm as part of its efforts to be in harmony with nature.

SUS (Thailand) factory located in the Lamphun district of Thailand
Utilization of renewable energy
  • Solar Panels

  • Natural ventilation system with electric louvers

SUS Farm
  • Cultivation of vegetables

  • Fish farming

  • Livestock farming

  • Cattle farming

Formation of a recycling society

We will recycle waste from our factories, such as aluminum frame scrap metal and chips, and use our limited resources effectively.

Aluminum billets

Aluminum products

At SUS, from the standpoint of natural resource protection, we also purchase aluminum frames. For more information, please contact your nearest sales office.