Company Profile


Global Standard

Management Principles

[Business Attitude]

Harmony created between customers and ourselves

We will offer products and services to our customers and strive for their limitless satisfaction.
[Corporate Culture]

We nourish corporate culture filled with energy and communication

While recognizing that our employees are assets to the company, we will strive to fill our workplace with energy and communication. We will regard the company as a place where people can grow and find a sense of accomplishment.
[Contribution to society]

Successful results will be actively returned to society

We will work to create an affluent society through business activities, becoming a meaningful organization for our customers, shareholders, and local communities.
[Development Principles]

Unique but standardization-oriented ideas

We will offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, manufactured using unique and standardization-oriented ideas.
[Resource Conservation]

Our philosophy is to use limited resources repeatedly and effectively

We aim to effectively use the Earth's limited resources, and strongly consider environmental conservation when manufacturing our products.

Code of Conduct

1. Careful Deliberation and Resolute Action We work in a fast-paced environment of ever-changing times. To halt progress signifies taking a step backwards. Evolution is always required of us. In order to evolve, we must cultivate on a daily basis our ability to think and to rapidly convert ideas into action.
2. Pursuit of Speed We consider good management to be defined by the promptness of leading-edge proposals and speed of execution. We believe business operations are optimal when rough-and-ready. In this respect we prioritize speed in all pursuits.
3. Perseverance Once we commit to a task we must have the will and tenacity to follow through until the end. As we take on more difficult projects and see them through to completion, it becomes important to persevere through this cycle.
4. Customer Benefits We will make every effort to deliver benefits promised to customers (energy and cost reduction, quality assurance) and fulfill the specified goals for the goods and services we supply. We consider work that does not yield customer benefits as meaningless, and we only undertake projects based on mutual understanding.
5. O.A.S Theory We advocate the O.A.S (Organic Automation System) theory. The concept is to assemble products like building blocks, through standardized units. This enables the assembly of highly-reliable, economical devices in a short period of time.



Stakeholder Engagement