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GF seriesGreen Frame

GF-series structural aluminum frames have been designed as a material for work boards, trolleys, chuters, and racks, to offer the optimum adaptability to factory automation.
Its unique sectional form is most suited for simple and fast assemblies and modifications with use of a single bolt, This offers the maximum flexibility to unexpected additions and layout changes frequently required in manufacturing sites. The lightweight aluminum frame, with elegant alumite treatment, will help you maintain aesthetic appearance of the factory for long. What's more, the aluminum is an excellent material for recycling and reuse.
Perfect freedom to choose the best combination of frames and accessories allows for a customized system that will satisfy your needs.
GF series Green Frame

Nonconventional Low Pricing

  • Light weight, Recycle
    It's lighter than existing iron, plastic or composite pipe and has excellent recyclability because Green Frame adopts aluminum extrusion.
    Easy to disassemble and reform
    It's easy to disassemble and also reusable because all of the connectors can be combined by bolt. In order to improve the recyclability, we adopted aluminum material for connector, too.
    Labor and power saving
    Because connector is combined by one bolt nut, assembly procedure is reduced, and contributes to save customer's power.
  • Saving Resource
    For aluminum reclamation, about 3/100 energy of manufacturing new bare metal is needed. We can reduce consumption of natural source "bauxite".
    Good design with high durability
    Green Frame excels in design and maintains glazing for a long time, because aluminum surface is anodized (more than 9μm). Also, painting is not needed.

GF-series a-aluminum frames and resin-coated steel frames


Resin-coated steel frames Resin-coated steel frames are difficult to reuse.
GF GF-series aluminum frames achieve a superb recyclability.


Resin-coated steel frames 400g
  • Frame: 520 g/m
  • Metal joint: 145
GF 230g
  • Frame: 367 g/m
  • Multi connector: 61g

Weight reduced by 40%


Resin-coated steel frames Resin-coating causes resin deterioration and dust generation.
GF Alumite treatment allows for “maintenance-free”, excellent appearance that lasts for long.
Assembly time shorter by 2/3 (SUS data)
  • Assembly time shorter by 2/3 (SUS data)
    The frame is equipped with a pair of grooves in each of the four directions. A connector can fit in the grooves with use of a single bolt.
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  • Assembly time shorter by 2/3 (SUS data)
    Degree of perpendicularity and parallelism is apparent with use of grooves facing the four directions.
  • Assembly time shorter
  • Assembly time shorter
  • Assembly time shorter

Connectors fit in with a bolt allow for easy assembly and disassembly.

Green frame featuresGreen frames and connectors are made of aluminum

  • AIuminium weighs one third of steel
    AIuminium weighs one third of steel

    Increased speed enabled by the lightweight tools results in high efficiency (a green frame weighs two thirds of a steel and plastic frame).

  • Quick to deliver
    Quick to deliver

    We respond to urgent orders.

  • A broad range of sizes available
    A broad range of sizes available

    Length can be selected within a range between 100 and 4,000 mm.