Business Overview

XA seriesExactly Actuator

Ball screw and linear guide even they are palm size.
Clean type, Motor-folded type, and Servo controllable controller is also lined up.
Purpose of use is expanded more.
SF series Standard Frame


  • High accuracy positioning is possible with receiving moment load by ball screw and linear guide.
  • Folding axis to save space and clean type are also lined up. We meet various needs in FA.
  • Excellent cost performance with the reasonable price.
  • Multi points positioning is possible by memorizing (EEPROM backup) from 15 positions for single axis to 999 positions for 4 axes.
  • Servo Function Controller is lined up as well. Reliability is increased with the Semi-Closed Loop Control by combining with Encoder-Mounted Type.
  • Speed set up can be done by every position, 2 levels for single axis and 60 levels for 4 axes.
  • Easy operation by just inputting position, using Jog box or personal computer's software (downloadable from SUS website).
  • If you use XA-ED1, direct pulse control from PLC, etc is possible.
  • Communication protocol is published, and the degree of freedom in establishing position, speed or acceleration is expanded.

Purpose of use

  • As the alternative for air cylinder in the environment that air cannot be used.
  • As actuator in the installing space is limited.
  • As X-Y Table for precise parts.
  • For charging mechanism for Parts Feeder.
  • To pick and place small parts.
Main examples of use
  • Odd-shaped parts supply
    Odd-shaped parts supply

    Odd-shaped parts are supplied from several parts feeders. Very effective for multi points positioning.

  • As vertical axis for inspection, etc
    As vertical axis for inspection, etc

    Head for inspector or measurement is installed. Multi points positioning to save space at low cost.

  • As X Y for Gantry
    As X Y for Gantry

    For Palletizer, screw tightener or potting work by dispenser.

  • Sending Inkjet printer head
    Sending Inkjet printer head

    Use for movement in a constant speed, utilizing speed property of Stepping Motor.